Maschinenpistole MP 38 u. 40

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(Courtesy Ron Berkeley)

The MP 40 fully stripped and showing all accessories. The image above descends from a German Wehrmacht wartime manual.

A set of black leather magazine pouches. The pouches are marked 'jsd 1942, WaA' on first belt loop and 'MP 38 u. 40' on the second.
It has been a mystery why these expensively made magazine pouches were manufactured up as late as 1943, and for what purpose they initially were intended. A lot of guessing and more and less documented theories have seen the daylight through the years, but it is believed these pouches could be purchased privately by officers of the Wehrmacht. For the front line soldier they would serve a poor purpose.

Code: jsd
Reinhardt, Gustav
Brandenburgerstr. 72-73
Berlin SW 68

A beautiful set of olive drab green magazine pouches in canvas with black leather straps and loops. This set is marked 'clg 43 WaA 866' on the first belt loop and 'MP 38 u. 40' on the second.
A typical front line service set although this set has never seen service. It originally came linked together with a thin very rusty piece of metal wire holding the two D-rings together. A way to ensure the pouches would stick together until signing up for active service.

Code: clg
Melzig, Ernst, Lederwaren
Breslauerstr. 169-173

A similar set but manufactured in tan canvas. Markings identical to the above set. From the materials applied, it seems to indicate this set is manufactured later in 1943. This set most likely never saw service due to the current state and condition found.

Code: clg
Melzig, Ernst, Lederwaren
Breslauerstr. 169-173

A dark blue-to-black six-pocket magazine pouch for MP 38 u. 40 w. original carrying sling. Some of these pouches came out of Finland in like new condition, holding the original carrying sling and the original magazine brush in the pocket for the magazine filler device. The pouch holds a blurred white marking on the back 'MP 38 u. 40' and a manufactures code on the inside of the lid, 'fuq 1942'
It has been widely accepted among collectors that this pouch was paratrooper's equipment - but we might get closer to the truth stating this is for armoured personnel - crew in armoured vehicles. From manuals and photos showing the interior and equipment of these vehicles, this particular model of the MP 38 u. 40 magazine pouch is recognized as standard equipment.

Code: fuq
Cottbusser Lederwarenwerk
Curt Voget K.G
Wernerstr. 62

A second and extremely scarce six pocket MP 38 u. 40 magazine pouch. Identical to the pouch above, but manufactured in the very same material as the magazine pouches for MP/StG 44 - where a red clue is wowen into the fabric. The pouch is marked on the canvas on the back 'MP 38 u. 40' and on the belt loop 'eyp 44'. Holding light brown straps on the front and light brown belt loops on the back. A slim shoulder sling came with this specimen. If these were originally manufactured with a tan canvas shoulder sling is still unknown....

Code: eyp
Vordemberge, Rudolf, Lederwaren u.
Niedersachsenstr. 11

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