Gewehr G 43 u. Karabiner K 43

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(Courtesy Ron Berkeley)

Above illustration is taken from a late war ordnance manual, showing all accessories in detail for Gew/Kar. 43. The magazine pouch displayed is in pebbled black leather.

A late war manufactured tan, rubbercoated canvas Kar. 43 magazine pouch, marked 'ros 1944' inside the pouch, having light brown leather straps on the front and black leather belt loops on the back. Despite being a relative scarce item, the tan model is believed to be a standard issue from 1944, and continued to be in production until the end of the war. Several variants of the tan model have been observed: The 'cauliflower' type (above) and a second type manufactured in smooth, rubbercoated canvas, being either very light in color or a darker tone color than above.
Code: ros (Undocumented manufacturer)

Another late war manufactured Kar 43. magazine pouch, manufactured in dark blue rubbercoated canvas material. The pouch has light brown leather straps on the front and light brown belt loops on the back. A very scarce magazine pouch that, in opposition to the tan and other related types, is marked manufacturer's name and location on the belt loop. Unfortunately the name is not to verify but the location is read clearly 'Landsberg a.W'. On the second belt loop a WaA 14 has been stamped into the leather. The pouch holds no date markings, but is either a late 1944 or early 1945 manufacture.

This speciment, manufactured in "vinyl-like" tan coated canvas material. The pouch holds light brown reddish leather straps on the front. The strap for the D-ring as well as the belt loops on the back are in black smooth leather. The style of manufacture is very similar to the two speciments above. A very scarce magazine pouch, due to the appearing condition. The pouch is marked: fuq 1945 and Waffen Amt.
Code: fuq
Cottbusser Lederwarenwerk
Curt Voget K.G
Wernerstr. 62, Cottbus.

A most interesting variation of the subject magazine pouch. Manufactured in thin biege pigskin. Phosphated metal rivets as observed on corresponding late war manufactures, like MP/StG 44 pouches. The pouch has hazelbrown leather straps on the front, as well as the strap for the D-ring and the belt loops on the back.. The strap for the D-ring and the belt loops are mounted by rivets, which could indicate this to be a late war manufacture. The pouch holds no markings, but everything seems to point to the fact, it must be either from late 1944 or early 1945.
Courtesy: Claus Espeholt

A beautiful honeybrown soft leather magazine pouch. Despite this pouch was manufactured in 1944 the leather quality is remarkebly good and the craftsmanship excellent. Unfortunately, two diffrent colored straps were sewn onto the front lid part., revealing the acceptance of a lowered production standard, due to a growing pressure on the german war industry suppliers, in the latter stages of the war. The belt loops on the back are made of black, smooth leather. In contradiction to the pouches above, the lid straps are mounted on the bottom portion of the pouch.
Code: ros 1944 (Undocumentet manufacturer)

Several other variants of the magazine pouches for Gewehr and Karabiner 43 have been observed in light brown, pebbled leather, black pebbled leather and smooth shiny leather.
Due to the limited number of pouches originally manufactured by the German army, various fakes are to be found.
Even a canvas type magazine pouch has been observed, which might have it's offspring in the imagination of the people who created it.
Last mentioned is usually 'overexposed' in the markings and made out of recycled, chemical treated material - a true 'Frankenstein' which should not belong in 'Collectors corner'.

Gewehr 43 (G - 43) wartime manual, D 1865/2 printed in 1944

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