Maschinpistole 44 u. Sturmgewehr 44

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Maschinpistole MP 44 - Sturmgewehr 44 displayed with accessories: 30 round magazine, little rubbercoated spare part pouch w. drawstring, loading clip, takedown tool and spares for the bolt: Firing pin and ejector.

A very scarce MP 43/1 manual from 31.8.43 - D1854/2, twice the size of the later MP 44 butt stock manual for MP/StG 44.

This illustration from the above MP 43/1 manual shows a very interesting set of magazine pouches, designed in the wellknown cut of engineers equipment (Sturm Pionier), holding only a single flap for all three compartments and evidently no connection strap. This type saw only limited use. Design, and the canvas material used, seems to indicate these pouches were intented for the Sturmpionier. The assumption, however, derives the question, if these type of pouches were produced silultaneously with the more common model in tan canvas material, holding separate lid portions.
Note (g3) the small and very scarce rubber coated Vorratsbeutel (the rubber coated spare part pouch w. drawstring) and the spares and loading clip (Ladefüller) below.

Late war manufactured set of MP/StG 44 magazine pouch set. Marked all over the pouches with small purple stamped numbers, indicating the pouch was devided into logical parts, each given a number. Each number identified the particular part, so parts could be made in series and 'assembled' in one place. This method could speed up the numbers of pouches manufactured, to meet the increasing demands of equipment of all kinds.
The pouches themselves hold a manufacture's marking - a three letter code and a boxed WaffenAmt - on the web-canvas belt loops. The way above mentioned magazine pouches are manufactured also shows a mix of various colour nuances in the tan fabric, as well as the side flaps for the lids, made in presstof - a kind of cardboard-paper material to substitude leather.

Another late war set of MP/StG 44 magazine pouches. The connection strap is of stronger material (what might have been available at present moment) but the straps on the front are made of nice light brown leather - as observed on similar items manufactured earlier in the war, when resources and material was not so limited. Similar to the magazine pouch set above, the side pieces on the lids might vary in material and color. Manufacture's code, date and a boxed WaffenAmt is found on the web-canvas belt loops on the back of the pouches.
You will notice another little but rather scarce item in the top right part of the picture: A little Vorratsbeutel - a small storage pouch in thin rubbercoated material w. drawstring. This pouch contained extra spare parts for the bolt and was stored in the longer side pocket of the right magazine pouch.

Deckblätter (wrapper) from D1854/2

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