Encrypt your Messages

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Select character set, enter determined key, paste
message into textbox, click Recover or Encrypt.

Click Here to select the output text. Use
Crtl+C to copy the text to your clipboard.

Use the form above to encrypt and decrypt messages to send among friends.

How to encrypt messages:

  • First choose a suitable Key - remember to write it down!..

  • Choose your Character Set.
  • Paste or write the text you want to encrypt.
  • Click the Encrypt button.
  • Copy and paste the encrypted text onto an email message or a document you want
    to attach.
  • Remember to inform receipient of the Key and Character Set applied.

How to decrypt messages:

  • To decrypt a message received, you will need the Key and knowledge about the Character Set that goes with it.

  • Enter the Key.
  • Paste the encrypted text block onto the input fied in the form below.
  • Click the Recover button.
  • The message will appear in plain text - Voilá!