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I have handpicked a line of photos, showing some extraordinary items of interest. These collectibles are rather scarce, and unfortunately this has made them subject to reproduction. Fortunately, not all items displayed are reproduced - to the best of my knowledge - and this is evidently due to the fact, it would be costly and technically complex to reproduce various items, considering a relative low current market price for the subject item.
This is the 'real stuff' in the best possible condition! - as you will notice, some of the items appear to be in mint and even unused condition. Some collectors prefer items carrying the trace of use and wear, because it adds symbolism and authenticy - a viewpoint to respect - but some of us have a natural born desire for items 'as they were found at time of issue' - why? - because this is the state and appearance which the subject item basically possessed.
I hope you will find the same joy and pleasure viewing the single items below, as I experienced when selecting them!........



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