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I live in a very beautiful spot in the southern part of Seeland, Denmark. Click on the picture below and go sightseeing in Praestoe and vicinity. As I'm sure you will be fascinated by what you are about to see, why not take it under consideration the next time you plan for vacation..... and bring your family, they will love it, too!....

Click here for a detailed map of Praestoe and vicinity

Go Sightseeing in Praestoe and Vicinity.

The beautiful vicinity of Praestoe is making it a treasured destination for tourists all over Europe. On Nyso Manor, Hans Christian Andersen wrote his famous fairytales and Svend Gjoenge fought the swedish occupying troops in 1658.

Working in the computer business - and any other business where computers have become a vital tool - has changed the prerequisition and condition of employment on a global basis. The expansion of the Internet and today's and tomorow's technology puts a whole new significance into the 'where you live and where you work' - relations.

No matter who you are and where you work - welcome to the southern part of Seeland.... you will love it here!...


Last Updated: January 23, 2008