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This page is dedicated to collectors of World War II Wehrmacht ordnance and militaria, 1933 - 45. Below you will find links to various collectibles. Some of them still remain in my own collection, some do not, and some come out of the collections of close friends.........


Bayonet 84/98 and bayonet belt frogs

Magazine pouches for MP 38 u.40

Magazine pouches for Gew/Kar.43

Magazine pouches for MP/StG 44

Munitionstragevorrichtung Mg 34/42

Wehrmacht and Waffen SS Belt buckles

Small arms, ordnance, ammunition, equipment and vehicles piling up in interception areas close to the german boarder, in early May 1945.

Guns and bicycles - another interception area, May 1945.

The winner takes it all. Destroyed, abandoned - the once so mighty and powerful armies ruling Europe, now defeated, scattered and forced to leave everything behind.

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